Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Sculpture and Painting: Hard at work

With so many things to be excited about I am finding lots of inspiration for new artwork. The spectacular Sun Dogs that were photographed near the end of the Yukon Quest sled dog race this year inspired a few paintings:
"Sun Dogs" Oil on Canvas 20'x24"

"Sun Dogs 2" work in progress, Oil on Canvas 24;x20"

South Dakota being the home of the North American Bison, I went to visit the 777 Buffalo Ranch and painted this fun piece of a sassy young cow using a painter's knife.  Here you can see the piece as it progressed:

quick underpainting

adding details

Finished!  "Buffalo Gal" Oil on Canvas 24'x20'
Vivid blue skies set the tone for this winter's paintings, giving the feel of openness that I am surrounded by when outdoors on the prairies here.

Sculptures are going well.  I started a series of Mustangs based on my photos from the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary near Hot Springs. The first one to be completed was this lone gelding standing under a tree:

"Mustang 1" cast plastic 4'x7 1/4'
The sample castings are looking very good.  I am experimenting with different paint and color treatments and copies of this sculpture will be available for purchase this summer!
Two other sculptures in this series are still in progress:
"Mustang 2" 4x7 1/4"
"Mustang 3" 4x 71/4

One other series has been developing itself as I work.  This tiny sculpture was designed to test new casting materials:
"Moon Horse" cast plastic 2 1/2'
The idea of an energetic moving figure surrounded by a moon appealed so much that two new sculptures are in progress using this design: 
"Moon" 8" round

"Moon Reversed" 8" round

Look for these pieces and more to be finished this spring!